Christmas Pop-Up Card – wordpress Plugin (Utilities)

Add a little bit of magic to your website on Christmas Holidays Seasons!

Spice up your website and set up a Christmas atmosphere with our Christmas Pop-Up Card – WordPress Plugin!

The Christmas is just around the corner and the preparations are running.
If you love Christmas like we do, you probably want to set a perfect mood for the coming Christmas for your website as well.

To help you set a funny Christmas mood on your website we’ve decided to create a Christmas Pop-Up Card.

Besides, what is Christmas without a special atmosphere and some fancy decorations for your website?

It has custom decorations that move around, custom music to set up the mood, a custom message for your users, and you can personalize it with your custom signature / logo.

Did I forgot to mention it has snow also?! Yes it does, a very realistic snow effect is on the background of the card.

What’s our plugin’s main purpose?

Our Christmas Pop-Up Card will allow you to offer a unique Christmas experience to your users / customers / subscribers / audience, and in the same time to deliver them a custom Christmas holiday message personalized with your custom signature / logo.

Main features:

  • Works as Plugin on any WordPress Install.
  • Allows you to setup a Christmas mood on your website and deliver custom Christmas message to your users.
  • Add your own message and personalized signature
  • Add custom Christmas music to run on the background of the Card
  • Custom Decorations that move around the Christmas Card
  • User friendly backend based on our AA-Team Framework where you can modify the Card’s contents.
  • Custom Fonts , Custom Font Color, Custom Text Font Sizes
  • Snow- select if you want to snow on the card.
  • Custom background color
  • Custom background image
  • Development mode
  • Display – Choose how often you can display this pop-up.
  • Show on page: Select on what page to display the Christmas Pop-Up Card. Options : All pages, Homepage, Custom page – set ID
  • Show After: Setup after how many seconds to appear after a user enters your website
  • Show Speed: The display transition speed

BONUS! Music file included

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