Lasgo – WordPress Associate & Tutorial Plugin (Utilities)

Lasgo – Animated WordPress Tutorial Plugin

Learn-as-you-go with these animated tips inside the Admin area of WordPress.

Lasgo is an interactive plugin whose interface will pop-out when you go in the WP admin area, no matter on which page you are.

You can start in Levels to see what your status is, and how you can earn more points, and then take the exam to enter the next level. Searching will help you get better results on the exams and learn more.


  • Interactive interface
  • Search most popular tutorials websites
  • Post a question (community oriented)
  • Earning points for different tasks
  • Exams for 7 Levels:
    • Beginner (2 points)
    • Blog Poster (7 points)
    • Customizer (12 points)
    • Lasgo Stylist (15 points)
    • Plugin Master (18 points)
    • Lasgo Themer (20 points)
    • Lasgo Classer (20 points)
  • Animations
    • Load animation
    • Bounce animation when you click on Lasgo
    • Pulsate animation when you click on Lasgo in hero mode
    • Comments popups animations
    • Jokes animations
  • Learn more section on the most important WP admin pages

Change log

  • Uploaded 11/22/2013

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