Progress Map, Bundle (Utilities)


Progress Map, Bundle” is a collection of “Progress Map” and all its “Add-ons”. This bundle contains the following plugins/Add-ons:

Main plugin:

1. Progress Map, WordPress Plugin


2. Progress Map, List & Filter

3. Progress Map, Submit locations

4. Nearby places


1. How to install “PROGRESS MAP, BUNDLE”?

“Progress Map, Bundle” contains multiple plugins (4 plugins for the meanwhile). You need to install each plugin seperately. Each plugin will be in its own folder. In each plugin’s folder, you’ll find a ZIP containing the installable plugin and the text files that indicated the new changes/improvements made in the latest version and the links to the “demo”, “documention”, and other resources of each plugin.

2. How to update “PROGRESS MAP, BUNDLE”?

“Progress Map, Bundle” contains multiple plugins (4 plugins for the meanwhile). When a plugin is updated to a new version (for example, “Progress Map”), we will replace the old version of that plugin that is included in the bundle with the latest version. You’ll also receive an email informing you about the availablity of a new update.

“Progress Map, Bundle” will always contain the latest version of each plugin!

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