HeartBeat – Quick Ajax Seek for WordPress (Utilities)

HeartBeat – Instant Ajax Search for WordPress

HeartBeat is a blazing-fast ajax search solution for WordPress, it can search through thousands of posts within a fraction of a second. You can add any post type to the search index, and yes you can also add WooCommerce products.

Your visitors will get relevant product and query suggestions as soon as they type. Faster and curated suggestions attract visitor attention to products that match what they are looking for.


  • Blazing-fast instant search ( response time is about 1/5 of one second)
  • Integrate HeartBeat with your existing theme’s search forms
  • Custom Material Design search form shortcode
  • Custom Simple search form shortcode
  • Easy admin interface updated through ajax
  • Indexes titles, tags and thumbs, titles are given the highest priority in search
  • Documentation

Tech specs

HeartBeat is so fast because it indexes your posts from the database ( post, pages and any other custom post type you choose: Ex: WooCommerce ).

HeartBeat uses the HTML5 local storage feature to store the indexes on the client side where the search is performed using LunrJS (a full text search engine for client side applications which enables great search experience without the need for external services).

Once a user has stored the indexed data, which is pretty small (about 40KB / one thousand posts), it does not retrieve it next time, it checks the hash of the local indexed data against the server last index hash and if it’s needed will only update the differences.


We have used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

JavaScript Libs

  1. Element Queries
  2. lunrjs

Preview images

  1. Unsplash Images used within the preview (not included).

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