WordPress Fancy Title Plugin (Miscellaneous)

WP Fancy Title Plugin

A WordPress plugin to animate your site title.

WP Fancy Title Plugin is a very simple and light weight WordPress plugin for any type of WordPress sites. It will allow you to animate your WordPress site title and change site title when you are in other tab. It will help you to keep users much time in your site what can be a good trics for your site SEO. It’s very easy to use and have lot’s of multiple features for site title. We will recommend you to use this plugin.

  1. Can set miss you title to show when user in another tab.
  2. Can set main title alternative text.
  3. Can set Miss you alternative text.
  4. Main title can be scroll.
  5. Miss you title can be scroll.
  6. Easy to install.
  7. User frinendly and very nice option panel.
  8. Well documented.
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