Appetit – WordPress Restaurant Menu & Extra (Utilities)

Appetit WordPress Restaurant Menu & More

Appetit is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create a mobile web app for your restaurant and much more. You can print the generated QR image code and place it on the tables, when people will scan the code, they will be directed to the mobile web app where they can view the menu and select what they want before the waiter comes to that table.

Besides the mobile web app Appetit comes with additional three responsive display options for your website (Luna Cafe, Mixto and Dante).

Documentation, Admin Video Showcase, Preview

Appetit Mobile Web App


Appetit Dante Page Type


Appetit Mixto Page Type


Appetit Luna Cafe Page Type


Appetit Admin Showcase



We have used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

JavaScript Libs

  1. Packery
  2. Element Queries
  3. Intel Appframework

Preview images

  1. Unsplash — Images used within the preview (not included).

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