LoftLoader Professional – Preloader Plugin for WordPress (Interface Parts)

Visitors get impatient while waiting for content loading?

Waiting can be delightful.

LoftLoader is a small but powerful preloader plugin to add fun and unique preloader animation to your WordPress website.

Main Features

Unlimited colors to fit your brand.

Stay sharp, high quality, and super fast. Built with pure CSS3 animations.

Upload and animate custom images. Loading, rotating, bouncing and rolling. Make every bit of your site enjoyable and memorable.

Beautiful on any devices.

Easy to edit and live preview. With enhanced and elegant setting panel.

Flexible and controllable. Loader animation, progress bar, or counting percentage, choose any one, or mix.

Add more user-friendly effects, and impress your visitors from the first sight.


  • Turn on or off preloader.
  • Choose to show on global site, or pages (except for posts).
  • Display on homepage only.
  • Handpick, turn it on for specific pages or posts (coming soon).


  • Display or hide the loader.
  • 15 animations to choose.
  • 4 support custom images.
  • Choose any color.
  • Animation loops forever, or just once (ends after page has loaded).


  • Solid or transparent.
  • Unlimited background color.
  • 4 transition effects when ending: fade, split horizontally/vertically, or slide up.
  • Opacity control. Lower the opacity to let visitors see through.


  • Show or hide progress indicator.
  • Choose progress bar or counting percentage.
  • Set position. Top, middle, bottom, or below the loader.
  • Choose any color for it.
  • Adjust width and height of progress bar.
  • Change font size for percentage.
  • Put percentage behind animation, create unique design.

Update soon

  • Custom welcome message
  • Turn it on for specific pages or posts
  • More fun and meaningful animations.
  • More options for loader.
  • More options for background.
  • More options for progress.

Any Problem?

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any issue. When you need our support, or would love to report a bug, or request new features, or want to ask any question, please:

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