WordPress Seat Reserving Gadget (Miscellaneous)

This scripts allows you to create a seat booking system, that can be applied to anything where you need seats i.e cinema halls, buses, trains, shows, etc. It allows admin to design the interface as per the need. The customers(users) can see that interface to select seats and process them. Here are some of the features

Users can book seats without payment gateway for free booking, or they can pay by paypal for paid booking systems.
Admin can create custom seats with colors, name and cost visually with few clicks.
Admin can set limit for users to book some seats only, also maximum and minimum selectable seats can be set.
Shortcode can be used in any post types and pages.
In case of free seats, they get booked instantly. But in case of paid seats, seat is temporarily booked for some time so that no one else can book it, and this person can make the payment without any hassle. If user fails to make the payment in time, seats will automatically get cancelled and will be available for other user to choose.
Lifetime Free Support and Updates

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