Smakflakes – quite a lot of flakes for WordPress (Miscellaneous)


This is WordPress edition version for my Smakflakes – various flakes plugin.

  • 5 preset color modes
  • mode self-selection of color flakes
  • mode of flakes as images
  • you can specify size of the flakes and the number of
  • can also specify power of the wind and its direction, the falling speed
  • flakes rotation mode (when as images), clockwise, counterclockwise, to and fro, without rotation
  • there is a button that allows you to disable the flakes (if it is annoying to the user)
  • high speed with a lot of flakes, through the use of HTML5 Canvas tehnology
  • lot of settings allows you to make the effect for your site unique and ideally suited for your site


Version 1.0

  • release

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