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One Plugin For Everything!

You Want To Build a Job board, Classified site, News site, Book store, Directories? Or Any Interactive

So Forms Management System Is Your Best Choice.

Forms Management System is a full solution frontend plugin to build advanced posting forms, guest
forms, contact forms and frontend dashboard for WordPress with a visual so easy to use forms builder.

Forms Management System features list

  Amazing visual
form builder
you will never write a code!
create as many forms as you want like guest post, post submission, contact form, job submission, classified
submission, etc.

  Guest Posting
let your users publish the content on your website without registration.
if you want to register your guests automatically while they publish the content on your
  Custom Post
Type Supported
let your users submit the content from the frontend in any post type (posts, pages,
custom post types, etc.).

Taxonomy Supported
add your own custom taxonomy to your frontend form and view them as dropdown menus
or checkbox …etc.
  Custom Fields
add as many custom fields as you need and you can choose from too many custom fields, and
there are many other fields that we will be added in the future releases.
redirect your users to a page or custom URL or to the newly created post or display a cool
message when they submit a new content on your website, you can also set these settings when users update their
  Set Post
when users submit a new post or update it,then the post can be set to any status you prefer
(Draft, Pending Review, Private, Published).
  New Post
Notification, Update Post Notification
you can get an email notification whenever the users add a new
post or update a post. Without visiting your site’s dashboard. you can get an email with all the post information
including: post title, content, excerpt, tags, category, author, site name, site URL, permalink, edit link, and any
custom fields that you have in your form.

  Custom CSS &
create your own custom CSS or custom JS file then name it fms-custom-css.css, fms-custom-js.js and
put it in the plugin directory and Forms Management System will recognize it and will enqueue it in
the correct order.
  Post Format
specify the post format for each form.
  Comment Status
specify the comment status for each form weather to be open or close.
if you want you can allow your users to save their posts as drafts.
Text, Textarea, Dropdown, Date, Multi Select, Radio, Checkbox, Image Upload, File Upload, URL,
Email, Repeatable Field, Hidden Field, Google Maps.
Post Title, Post Body, Excerpt, Tags, Category, Featured Image.
reCaptcha, Really Simple CAPTCHA, Terms and Conditions.
allow your users to edit and delete their posts from the frontend by listing their posts in
an awesome frontend dashboard.
  Full Featured
Contact Form With The Same Awesome Visual Form Builder And Amazing Features.

  The contact
form with multiple recipients

Redirection Also In Contact Form
redirect your users to a page or a custom URL or display a cool
message when they submit the contact form.
  Three Form
Theme Styles
based on Smart
(That is an extra value of 11$ included).
  Eight Form
Theme Colors
also based on Smart Forms.
  Bundled With
Simple Form Validator – PHP Class
(That is an extra value of 7$ included).
  Everything is
configurable even client side validation messages!

  Compatible WordPress
3.5 or higher



Coming Soon Registration Form Builder, Extra Fields & Features.

We Built it to stay, we are MOSTASHAROON’s developers,
so we use it daily in our projects

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