Hoverlytics (Add-ons)

Introducing Hover-over Google Analytics for WordPress.

New Update: Top Keywords, Highlight Stats of the Top Sources & Smart Hover

  • Automatic update—no redownloading of the plugin necessary!
  • Now see the top keywords that visitors used to come to your site, for each individual page.
  • Highlight the stats for any of the top sources items: visitors from that source is overlaid on the visitors graph, and average time on page and entrance rate is shown.
  • Top sources now smartly combines sites from the same social networks, like for example facebook.com and its mobile site m.facebook.com.
  • Hovering is now improved—links will only be loaded once the mouse comes to a rest.

Hoverlytics Features Overview

  • See how your posts and links are performing with live stats from Google Analytics!
  • See your visitors’ stats in seconds.
  • User-friendly design, simply hover over any link on your site to see its stats.
  • Stats panel lives on your website, you don’t have to go to WordPress’s backend, it’s right there as your browse your own website.
  • Uses secure OAuth authentication with Google to get the exact same information you see in Google analytics every week.
  • For your eyes only: only administrator users can see, and they must also be securely logged in with Google, your website visitors do not see your Hoverlytics.
  • Easy set up, click step by step, you will be up and running in minutes.
  • Button to minimize the panel to a tiny box.
  • Shift panel to left or right side of screen.
  • Actively being developed, new features will be based on your feedback. Help me make the best tool for you and other website owners.

Note: This is a tool for website administrators, and uses secure authorization with Google. Your website visitors do not see your Hoverlytics.

What stats does Hoverlytics show?

  • Shows interesting stats for today: number of visitors, and top source.
  • Shows a chart of the number of visitors over the past month, with the latest week highlighted.
  • Bar showing percentage of returning and new visitors.
  • Summary stats, giving you a picture of the popularity of this post/page for the past month:
    • Top five sources of traffic for the past month, including direct traffic and social networks. Where has your audience come from?
    • Total page views, a great all time figure of its popularity.
    • Average time spent on the page, gives a good picture of audience engagement.
    • Percentage of people who ‘entered’ through this page, a good indication of how much the post/page has been linked to and shared.
  • Top keywords, with their visitor numbers.
  • Click on a top source item to see its visitors overlaid on the visitors graph, and the average time on page and entrance rate.

What do you think of Hoverlytics?

Help me make Hoverlytics a better product for you, by leaving your feedback at this link. Not just current customers, but anyone is welcome!

Special thanks to www.infinitylist.com for allowing us to showcase Hoverlytics.

More updates and features coming soon! Please post your feature requests for future versions of Hoverlytics.

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