1001 Multicolored Icons – For WordPress (Utilities)

1001 Icons for WordPress enables an easy use of a large icon set from within WordPress. Icons can be inserted using WordPress shortcode API or TinyMCE plugin right on your post/page editor.It is a new way to include icons to your site all is done in your WordPress editor.

This new 1001 Icons version use a large numbers of icons within the plugin packs for More than 1300 icons in order to help you to create that unique website look.

Technically any icon set can be converted into 1001 Icons compatible pack due to the plugin images manipulations functionalities, but we recommend to use the icons packs already within the plugin and those withing the growing icons packs store created by our team and available in our web site.


1001 Icons Plugin Features

  • 1300+ beautiful icons
  • Multiple Unlimited color
  • Set your icon shape
  • Align your icon
  • Add text to you icon
  • Add background to your icons OR create your own button
  • Style your url with you favorite icon
  • New icons packs
  • Easy to use panels
  • See a sample of you created icons before using it
  • Right on your editor dashboard
  • Resizable icons
  • Add your style using our CSS classes
  • Add new icons pack using the plugin panels
  • Fast response
  • Available in visual and html editor mode
  • Using Shortcode API
  • Very lightweight
  • Major browser support
  • And many more …

What is New ?

  • The main modification in our plugin was adding the possibility to customize more than one color within your icons and this will make your icon more “alive” , You can customize 2 colors within all of our packs and even 3 colors in the newer ones.
  • Adding text to your icon and align them as you like
  • Add a custom colored background to your icons and create your own buttons
  • Choose the most suitable shape for your needs
  • Much much faster response and packs loading time


  • WordPress 3.0+
  • PHP 5.2+


  • As simple as it can be.

docsEverything is done using the plugin interface , but if you need to any other effect you can use our css classes to add style to your icons

  • .WI_text : To add style to your text
  • .WI_icon : To add style to your icons

If you have the old version of the plugin , you need to replace the old shortcodes.

Future Plans

  • Adding affect : Our team is working on adding this feature to the icons , expect it soon.

What you can DO ?

  • Stay in touch with our team using our support site or direct contact using our email , to share your ideas and expectation with us , this will help us to present new and revolutionary creations
  • In the mean time enjoy our product currents version and stay in touch to have more


  • If you have any further questions or you need support using or configurating this script, feel absolutely free to open a support ticket at my support site . You can also use this items comments section for any presale questions. I will do my very best to help and assist you as quick as possible, You can also contact me directly using my email contact.leavy@gmail.com

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