YouTube video gallery magento2 extension (Magento Extensions)

Extension Overview

The YouTube Video Gallery extension allows you to display the collection of YouTube videos as gallery using video link. Video title and thumbnail will automatically be fetched from video link.

This extension allows you to display YouTube videos as gallery using video link. The video link added by administrator. Administrator only adds the video link and title of the video and the thumbnail will be automatically fetched from YouTube video. So it will reduce the load on the server and increase the performance.

When user clicks a thumbnail of video in gallery, video will be loaded and played in the popup box.


  • From YouTube link, video title and thumbnail will be automatically fetched.
  • Show count down timer by specifying “end date” of this coming soon mode.
  • Set video gallery heading and description on the front end.
  • Add video gallery on any CMS page or static block.
  • Comes with default URL key ‘video-gallery’. So gallery can be accessed from the URL:
  • Enable or disable extension from configuration setting.
  • Set video gallery title and description from configuration setting
  • Unlimited videos can be added in the gallery


To add video gallery to any CMS page or static block, add following line of code in particular CMS page or static block.

block class=”DrcYoutubeVideoGalleryBlockVideoGallery” name=”youtube_video_gallery” template=”videogallery.phtml”

To use default gallery URL, use following link

Download Package File

  • Extension Package
  • User Guide Documentation
  • Installation Guide Documentation

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