DESCRIBO Evolved Textual content/Html Widget (Widgets)

DESCRIBO is a WordPress plugin that gives you a new experience with your classical Text/Html widget ,a widget to display Text/HTML based on current category with new functionalities and improvement and total control of how and when your descriptions appear.

DESCRIBO create separate database tables to store your categories descriptions to prevent any problems with future upgrade and this make it faster , safer and easy to use.

Key Features & Options:

  • Display description based on current post category.
  • The possibility to override your post primary category and chose your own using your post edit page.
  • Manage your entries (adding, editing, deleting and testing).
  • Separate database tables that prevent any future issues when upgrading your WordPress core.
  • Faster response with no effect on your site displaying time.
  • Info about your database status and some other useful info.
  • Cleaning your entry table in an instant.


+ Installation
+ Manage your entries using DESCRIBO option page under your settings tab
+ Place your widget using the widgets page
+ Set your post’s primary category category right on your own post edit page

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