wpPDF – Web page content material to PDF generator (Utilities)


wpPDF is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create content that a visitor can download from your website by converting it to a PDF. wpPDF functions as either a standalone plugin OR if you’re already using Visual Composer, it integrates a new content element from which to choose.

When using wpPDF, you can customize the text of the download button as well as the filename of the PDF that is generated!

How It Works

wpPDF converts your content to a PDF using jsPDF. It is designed for simple text-only conversions if you want the content of the PDF to remain selectable. If you have images or complex styles, the PDF that is generated is a “screenshot” of the content, so it is NOT selectable in the PDF.

Using without Visual Composer

This plugin still works without Visual Composer using just the shortcode.

All content between the opening [wppdf] shortcode and the closing [/wppdf] shortcode will be available for download to PDF.

Two parameters are available for the shortcode as well, button text (btn) and the filename (filename). An example:

[wppdf btn=”Export” filename=”Report”]This content is available for download.[/wppdf]

Installation Instructions

Installing the wpPDF Plugin is as simple as uploading and activating it on your website. A breakdown of the installation and how to use the plugin can be found here.

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