Wp Password Generator & Potential meter (Utilities)

Wp Password Generator give you two simple shortcode you can put in any page of your blog to offer a very useful services: a strong password generator and a password strength meter.

These two tools are very searched online, from both normal user and specialised users (eg. system administrator who need to generate large list of safe strong password). So you can attract an interesting niche of traffic on you site.


  • Two shortcodes
  • No configuration needed
  • Two documentation included: one for simply usage, one for developer


You have two shortcodes that you can very easily add in any of you page or post to offer your users these two services:

  • [pwd-gen]: add the password generator
  • [pwd-strength]: add the password strength meter

Password generator

You can configure any aspect of generated password:

  • Number of password to generate.
  • If password must contains uppercase.
  • If password must contains lowercase.
  • If password must contains numbers.
  • If password must contains symbols.
  • Password length.

Password strength meter

Just insert you password to get:

  • How many possibilities of combinations there are with used character. More combinations means password is more difficult to crack.
  • You can set the numbers of core used to crack.
  • How many time is needed to crack your password with most common encryption algorithms (md5, sha1, MD5Crypt, Bcrypt).
  • This plugin includes a 10000 (ten thousand) common passwords list so if your password is contained in this list you’ll get noticed

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