wordpress SQuiz2 JQuery Quiz Engine (Utilities)

This is a WordPress Quiz plugin. You can create quizzes and questions in an own backend menu. Have a look at the documentation available at wordpress.skurrilewelt.de to see, how simple and comfortable quiz creation can be.

Key Features

  • Unlimited questions
  • Questions can contain images in the question text or you can add a question image
  • Three types of questions: single choice, multiple choice or drag and order
  • Questions can be organized in categories
  • Questions can be added easily to quizzes by dragging them
  • You can arrange the order of questions (and answers of course) by drag and drop
  • Review of all questions with correct answers and user
  • selection marked at the end of the quiz

  • You can set a time limit
  • You can set a passing score
  • All labels and texts can be changed in backend
  • Use all questions for multiple quizzes
  • MVC code structure
  • All frontpage elements has unique css classes

If you are looking for a non WP quiz engine have a look at SQuiz2. SQuiz2 JQuery Quiz Engine will be updated with the new features within the next two weeks.

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