SiteCreate Truly Helpful Notification Bar for WordPress (Utilities)

This is the Really Useful Notification Bar for WordPress.

What makes this so useful? Well, its flexible for a start! You can use our bar to display anything from your latest headlines, links to a special deal or even a cookie acceptance bar – we give you the tools to do whatever you want.

Looking to see how this bad boy works? Check out the overview video here.

The plugin does more than just grab your audience’s attention of course, as you can also use it show social profile links as well as an awesome inline search form.


  • Choose from relative positioning above your page, fixed to the top of the browser or even fixed to the bottom.
  • Add/Remove/Re-Order Notifications/Messages as you wish via the easy to use admin area.
  • Customize everything from the colours to the button style with ease.
  • Users can dismiss the bar (if you choose to show the close button) which set a cookie so they wont see it again for the rest of the session.
  • Includes a neat inline search form to enchance any theme
  • Includes Social Profile icons.

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