MSP – MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with ninety Visible Composer addons (Utilities)

One click test-drive MultiSport plugin

90+ special sports addons

Sport and eSport wordpress content managment system

Extended wordpress admin panels

Statistic ststem based on match scores

WPObject - MVC abstraction on wordpress for plugin development

Auto updating MPS plugin

MSP plugin documentation

Fully ready for translation

Team WordPress Documentation or How to create the most awesome sport website

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If you have any questions please feel free to email us via contact form here.

Change log

    + Updating all UI in admin panel
    + Fully code refactoring on WPObject library
    + MVC PHP objects architecture
    + REST API

    + Added float statistic values
    # Fixed select heroes and items for players settings in match
    # Fixed Statistic index with empty values and deleting matches.
    # Critical! Fixed Mustisport Dashboard games activation.
    # Fixed Visual Composer Addon: "Next match", now he has extended match query
    + Added player match activity "participated" for including statistic index.
    # Fixed icons x-line in charts 
    # Fixed matches status with draw result
    + Added +40 visual composer addons
    + Adeed commentators social links editor
    + Adeed players social links editor
    + Adeed teamp winners in championship
    # Critical! Fixed matches query building for status "live".
    + Added a possibility to choose what elemets to display in the Broadcasts listing addon
    + Added a possibility to insert custom text with external links in the Broadcasts listing addon
    + Added a functionality to choose what social networks to display in the Social sharing line addon.
    + Added a functionality to add custom social sharing links.
    # Critical! Fixed selecting status of match "live" for different timezones
    # Fixed statistic types order issue in Organizations table listing addon.
    # Columns "Next opponent" and "Results" in Organizations table listing addon are now optional to display.
    # Black background highlights for statistics types in Organizations table listing addon are now optional.
    + Added sorting of organisation by statistic types in table listings
    + Changed editing panel of match
    + Added possibility to choose statistic type to be displayed as a match result in the MultiSport Dashboard.
    # Fixed statuses selectors in match
    # Fixed countdown to match start for different timezones
    ^ VC aaddon "players slider" was extended. Added possibility to choose what tabs to display: teams, positions, roles.
    # Fixed post queries in following VC addons: News media line and Ticker. Free query building, filters by all possible taxonomies

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