UberMenu – Flat Pores and skin % (Add-ons)

This plugin is an extension for UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

30 New Flat Style Skins for UberMenu

This extension gives you 30 new skins for UberMenu. That includes:

  • 8 Black Bars + Light Submenus with a highlight color
  • 7 Colored Bars + Light Submenus
  • 8 Black Bars + Dark Submenus with a highlight color
  • 7 Colored Bars + Dark Submenus

Included Colors

Try it out

Check out all 30 skins on the Demo

How it works

Just install this plugin and you’ll get 30 new options in your UberMenu Control Panel > Style Configuration > Style Presets.

Custom Colors

Want to tweak the colors? The Extension includes LESS files for each of the skins, making it easy to customize the skins for those familiar with LESS.

Important Notes

Please note that this skin is “larger” than the default skins packaged with UberMenu – the font is larger and there is more padding – so not as many items will fit on one line as with the default skins. Be aware of this if your menu items are taking up most of the menu bar already, as this skin may make them wrap.


  • UberMenu 2.3+
  • WordPress 3.5+

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