TweetDis – Make Any Phrase Tweetable (Social Networking)

Thank you for choosing TweetDis!

TweetDis is a WordPress plugin, that will display a floating “call-to-action” above any piece of text you choose.
And once you click on the text, the plugin will automatically create a tweet out of it.
(In other words, TweetDis makes any piece of text “tweetable”)

99% of people won’t tweet anything, but the title of the post! Unless you MAKE THEM TWEET SOMETHING ELSE!

You should put “call-to-actions” in your article, if you think that a specific phrase deserves to be tweeted. Otherwise people will just pass by all your awesome ideas and quotes.

TweetDis hints people to tweet certain phrases… and people can tweet them in 2 clicks!

While WITHOUT TweetDis it’s really a pain to tweet a certain phrase from your article. Do you really think anyone will go through the following 7 steps?

Please Note: This plugin uses shortcodes to make phrases “tweetable”. And it doesn’t interfere with your regular social buttons.

Key Features:

  • Configure how the “tweetable” phrase looks – the plugin lets you pick the color of the phrase you want people to tweet, define if it should be underlined or not and pick the style of the underline.
  • Pick from 5 different “call-to-action” designs – we have 5 designs of that floating “call-to-action” that should fit any blog design. But you can go even further and configure the colors, the size of the text and write your own call-to-action there.
  • Define the resulting tweet – you can specify a default twitter account to be used in all the tweets as well as the preposition.

Make Any Phrase “Tweetable” In WordPress

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