Feedo – WordPress Social Feed & Move (Social Networking)

Feedo is a premium social stream and feed plugin for WordPress 3+ websites. It generates a feed of your favourite social network accounts.

Supported social networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Dribbble.


  • 9 supported social networks.
  • Endless networks and accounts on each feed.
  • Responsive Isotope layout.
  • Two color skins.
  • Awesome 48hr Support.


= v0.4 [2013-12-01]
* FIX: facebook API redeclaration when other plugins use it too.
* FIX: twitter API redeclaration when other plugins use it too.
= v0.3 [2013-11-13]
* FEATURE: google plus activities support.
* FEATURE: twitter pictures on feed.
* FIX: fullscreen button on videos coming from facebook posts.
= v0.2 [2013-11-05]
* FEATURE: don't show facebook images.
* FEATURE: social network css class to each block for custom styling.
* FIX: includes modernizer required by isotope.
* FIX: warnings when empty arrays.
= v0.1 [2013-10-29]
* Initial Release

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