Jugnoon Picture Suite (ASP.NET MVC) (Photography and Media)

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) is a complete photo sharing script written in pure asp.net mvc that can help you build highly scalable, cloud ready and professional photos, wallpapers and picture sharing application both for web and mobile.

Main Features

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) includes more than 500 basic and advanced features that can allow you to build almost any type of applications that involve photos, pictures and wallpapers.

It can act as a standalone photo sharing application or can be used as third party tool for other applications e.g utilizing it as photo management utility for real estate application.

It’s fully compatible with bootstrap 3.* It has more than 20 themes / color schemes available. Due to compatibility with bootstrap 3.*, you can easily embed any premium template or custom theme within hour of effort.

Main features include


Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) includes all basic and advance features required for making a complete photo application


Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) include album features with all functionality that can allow users to group multiple photos in single albums and share that album with friends or public or attach it with articles or blog posts.


It also include optional feature to make any photo as wallpaper and group all wallpapers in a separate location or pages.


Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) have built-in support for saving photos in amazon storage and stream via amazon aws cloud front if cloud storage enabled. It can help you make your application performance high even in case of high traffic while streaming photos directly from cloud.


Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) also has a feature of advance gamification script that can add complex business logics which is normally very difficult to implement by adding levels, badges, points, credits and rewards solution within your application.


Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) has complete control panel section from where site administrator can easily manage sites, configurations, features management, user management and user content management.

Multi Language User Interface:

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support multi user interface management that can help you enable single or multiple languages as language selection tool and can use any language as default language.

Mail Template Engine :

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) include advance mail processing and template creation engine that can help you easily write unlimited mail templates and integrate it with real events like use XYZ template to send mail when user complete registration.

Category Management

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) include advance category management system that can help you manage and create unlimited categories for any type of contents (e.g forums and more). You can create categories in unlimited parent child hierarchy.

Tags Management

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) include tag clouds management system with ability to priority tags, search tags, group tags into separate areas and uses these tags effectively to allow search engine and users to reach almost any type of media contents easily.

Dynamic Sitemap Generation

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support generating dynamic Google and Bing sitemaps that can be easily submitted register with Google and Bing web master tools to allow them to crawl and index almost any photo that is part of your website. It’s the most important SEO tool for any site to boost up its existence.


Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support generating RSS and ATOM feed that can allow other users to subscribe and import forum topics to display on other websites or third party devices.

Configuration System

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) includes centralize configuration system that can help site administrator to customize whole website behavior and on / off website features.

Advertisement Management

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support advertisement management that can help you setup ads script to display on various areas of website.

Multi Login System

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support multi login support to allow user to login via Facebook, Google plus or any third party accounts.

Adult Content Management

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support adult content management system, if enabled with warn users if he tries to access any content that’s marked as adult.

Auto Content Screening

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) support auto content screening and blocking script that can encode or highlight any word wrote by user which is matched with words setup in dictionary management. It protects your website from content that may come in violation under terms of user provided by your website and act as a great helper tool for moderators to review user contents quickly.

Spam or Abuse Reporting

Spam and abuse reporting or mark as flag along with management supported by Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) that can help users to report any content that comes under violation and help moderators to review and block contents which is reported by users.

Wiki or Glossary Management

Optional topics management feature available that can help you make a glossary of important topics that can act as dictionary or help section for any website. E.g. a car website glossary can handle all keywords along with detail related to cars and auto. It’s also a great SEO tool to boost your website

Email Subscriber

Optional feature that can help site administrator to manage and send email to all email subscribers.


Optional feature that can help site administrator to ban any ip address on website that perform malicious activities or activities that comes against site terms of use.

Easy Listing SDK

Optional reusable sdk that can help you generate unlimited lists and pages based on your requirements within minutes of efforts. e.g. you can create a page that can list all photos posted this week order by most viewed or this week most viewed videos in entertainment category or top 10 featured forum topics in fashion category and so on

Photo Resize Options

There is optional photo resize option in photo preview page which can allow user to preview and download photos in any size to target any device.

Fully Customizable

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) is designed in a way that can be fully customized by any way (design or feature wise). Full source code (C#) available.

Fully Responsive

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) fully responsive by built-in compatible with bootstrap templates.

Premium Template Support

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) have built-in support with great premium templates including porto, magazine, material mag, video go, sound pro and more. Please note you must get license of these templates before using plugin related to these templates within your website as we are not author of these templates.


Beside these core features there are hundreds of other features that can make the whole system a complete solution and can help you built complex, salable social media content sharing solution on the fly.

Jugnoon Photo Suite (ASP.NET MVC) has been written in pure ASP.NET MVC with Razor Views.

Hope we will release MVC 6 version soon.

If someone need web form version please contact us on our support mail.


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