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Ultimate video seo plugin is a advanced video seo plugin for wordpress which covers all aspects of video seo. It automattically fetches video seo details from videos of all major video hosting providers and submit it to video sitemap .It also supports self host videos with all wordpress supported video formats. It notifies search engines whenever sitemap is updated or generated . It supports video embedded through shortcode or metabox(created by third party plugins or theme).It also support self hosted videos embedded using default wordpress media gallery.It also add videoObject markup to all your video post/pages.It shows snippet preview of video search result within your post editor. With this plugin you can easily rank for your videos into google search engines and receive good traffic from search engines.

Plugin features

  • This plugin automattically fetches video seo details from all major video hosting provider like youtube , vimeo , dailymotion , metacafe , , veoh , wistia , viddler , vzaar , screenr and add the details into video sitemap with no extra effort.Click here For latest info on supported services.If you have any doubt weather plugin will work on your site or not then please contact us here .
  • It supports self hosted videos with all popular video formats like mp4,flv,avi,wmv,3gp,ogv,mpeg,mkv,dat,divx etc. With this plugin you can easily rank for your self hosted videos with ease.Click here for the complete list of all supported video formats.
  • Its a standalone plugin , it will not require any other plugin to work. No setup or advanced knowledge is required to use this plugin.
  • This plugin will show snippet preview of search result for that video post within your post editor so that you can see how google will display your video post.
  • It creates well styled xml video sitemap like this where you can see all your videos listed with their seo details.
  • It supports third party plugins or themes which embed videos using custom fields (Post meta).
  • It allows user to create or update video sitemap of whole site with just one click ajax button.
  • Notify search engines whenever sitemap is updated or generated.
  • Supports self hosted video . Automatically detects video file url from content,post_meta and submit it to video sitemap with easy to use thumb upload powered by default wordpress media editor.
  • Plugin can be used directly without any setup so even newbiews can use it without any problem.
  • It works for all the custom post types including pages.
  • It automattically adds videoObject markup on video pages for rich snippet in google search.
  • Direct plugin update from your wordpress dashboard with default wordpress plugin update method.You will not need to go to codecanyon everytime plugin is updated. You will get update directly from your wordpress plugin page like other repository plugins.
  • Plugin can be easily translated to any language using poedit software.

What our customers say ?

youyou78 says

“If you have video on your website, this plugin is a bomb for SEO !!! Go Go Go !!!”

SevenKader says

“Thank you so much…. Not only isn’t it cheaper but it works way better…. here’s a few of my videos that just showed up in the search engine, I did a search of my site today, and bam!!” full comment

Djjax says

“I got a great support for a Great Plugin. Thanks again for your time and precious help.



version 1.1.0 -07/12/2013
- Added short description support for woocommerce and excerpt support for other post types.Now plugin will detect videos from woocomerce short description and excerpt of posts,pages , custom post types.

version 1.0.9 -03/12/2013
- Fixed minor bug related to previous release .

version 1.0.8 -14/11/2013
- Removes custom fields created for non-video posts .

version 1.0.7 -17/10/2013
- Improvement in custom post type support.

version 1.0.6 -released on 11/10/2013
- Minor bug fix related to sitemap url. 
- Improved Error notification.

version 1.0.5 -released on 26/09/2013
 - Added custom fields support . Now plugin can get video information from videos inserted 
   using metabox created by third party plugin.  
 - support for youtube urls.
 - Ajax powered button to generate and ping sitemap. 

version 1.0.4 -released on 22/09/2013
 - Added to supported services. 
 - Added ajax/javascript powered button to clear ,update or rebuild the video seo info on 
 - Added support for self hosted videos. 

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