Event Schema For WordPress (SEO)

It is basically a short summary of your event page in the search results of Google in nice format with event name, location, date, ticket price etc.

General Event Structured Data Markup tool is one of the most useful tools to help your business get started with structured data. This markup tool help enhance Google’s understanding of the content on your website. This content is then used not only for your search engine results, but may also be incorporated into Knowledge Graph panels or Google Now cards, increasing your business’s online reach.

Use the Event Schema To Better Position Your Event on Google.


01. Name of the Event
02. An Image / Photo
03. Location Name
04. Location Street Address
05. Locality
06. Postal Code
07. Region
08. Country
09. Start Date
10. End Date
11. Offer Availability
12. Offer Price
13. Currency
14. Offer Valid From
15. Ticket Link
16. Performer

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