Bitcoin Shortcodes (search engine marketing)

Add bitcoin information in your wordpress blog posts

This wordpress plugin adds 10 shortcodes to wordpress to display bitcoin information.


  • [bitwp type=”price”] – Displays bitcoins current value in USD
  • [bitwp type=”totalbc”] – Total Bitcoins in circulation
  • [bitwp type=”perblock”] – Current block reward in BTC
  • [bitwp type=”difficulty”] – Current difficulty target as a decimal number
  • [bitwp type=”hashestowin”] – Average number of hash attempts needed to solve a block
  • [bitwp type=”blockcount”] – Current block height in the longest chain
  • [bitwp type=”probablity”] – Probability of finding a valid block each hash attempt
  • [bitwp type=”nextretarget”] – Block height of the next difficulty retarget
  • [bitwp type=”avgtxsize”] – Average transaction size for the past 1000 blocks
  • [bitwp type=”avgtxvalue”] -Average transaction value


  • file_get_contents must be enabled
  • allow_url_fopen must be enabled

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