WP E-newsletter and Marketing campaign (Newsletters)

WordPress Newsletter and Campaign is an easy to use wordpress newsletter system . You can Create Campaigns , send newsletter in HTML format and Import/Export Subscribers.

Subscribtion form has Security images (captcha) and Email confirmation to block spams.

This plugin can send emails to many subscribers. If you have limited emails per hour you can set it in Setting menu. You can see how many emails has been sent successfully or not.

Also subscribers can share newsletters and campaigns by social plugins.


  • Scheduling
  • Send your recent posts in HTML Emails
  • Email and Campaign Templates
  • Can send Email to selected campaign
  • Import/Export Emails
  • Template Creator
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Captcha and Email confirmation
  • Social Networking Plugins inside Emails
  • Social Networking Plugins inside Campaigns
  • Maximum Email per Hour (for limited host services)
  • Shortcode to use subscribe form everywhere
  • Preview and Test before send
  • POP3 and SMTP Email Sender
  • Replace subscriber name inside email message (by using shortcode)
  • Replace subscriber email inside email message (by using shortcode)

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