Gravity Kinds Easy Drip – Autoresponder Addon (Newsletters)

I love Gravity Forms for WordPress and it’s cool how it already sends simple user email notifications. Why not just also managed my simple autoresponder campaigns as well!!

Now it can with our new powerful time delay feature!

Gravity Forms Simple Drip Autoresponders Addon for WordPress is the easiest way to create a simple autoresponder campaign – a.k.a. email drip campaigns – using a plugin you probably already have!

Easy to Use

To create a dead simple autoresponder/drip campaign, follow these easy steps:

1. Upload and activate the GF Autoresponders plugin
2. Create a form (or use an existing one)
3. Create a new form notification
4. Configure the recipient, in most cases select “email field”
5. Enter your email copy in the WYSIWYG editor as you normally would
6. Select “Set Time Delay”
7. Enter how long you would like the email to delay until send!
8. Presto! You’re done.

Only steps 6 and 7 are ones that you would not normally do! Super Simple!

Once the user has submitted a form entry and time delay has been triggered, the user will receive your pre-determined email message in plain text format. No need to use external email marketing programs such as MailChimp, Aweber or Constant Contact to create dead simple autoresponder campaigns. No added fees, APIs Keys, no limits, less hassle!

Perfect for any content and email marketing strategy using WordPress!

Schedule simple follow up emails to convert more sales!


GF Simple Autoresponder is an addon for the very popular Gravity Forms WordPress premium plugin. A Gravity Forms license is required in order to use this plugin.

WordPress – Tested with WordPress version 3.7.1


Upload the GF Autoresponder Plugin into WordPress
Activate the Plugin
A new option for “time delay” will be added into Gravity Forms’ native Notifications settings.


1.0 – Initial Release – 11/11/13
1.1 – Minor bug fix – 11/27/13

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