wordpress Ajaxify – HTML5 Historical past API (Miscellaneous)

WordPress Ajaxify – HTML5 History API

Using HTML5 History API this plugin will load pages and submit forms without refreshing.
When you click a link to a page from your website, that page will be loaded with Ajax and the url from browser will be changed but the page won’t reload.

Demo: http://demo.hazzardweb.net/wpa
Tutorial: http://youtu.be/pCICxEnQR3c
Note: Because this plugin is using Ajax to load pages, some ads may not work. For example Google blocks ads from being loaded with ajax. Also some other WP plugins may conflict with WP Ajaxify (most of them can be fixed).

If you don’t have the latest version of this plugin send me a PM and I’ll send you the latest version.


(NEW) WordPress Ajaxify Pro
This is new and improved version of the popular WordPress Ajaxify. Tons of new features have been added. http://bit.ly/14jx71K
1.1 (02.09.2013)

  • Fixed slashes for JavaScript field

WordPress Ajaxify (old)

  • Added new option for adding links that you don’t want to be loaded with WP Ajaxify.


  • New Option for adding forms to be submited with ajax (demo here http://bit.ly/13Z1vzP)
  • Some plugin fixes for WooCommerce
  • Compressed javascript (but you have as well as the commented version)


  • Fixed Ajaxify Exceptions update option


  • Added Ajax Request Timeout option
  • Added Scroll To selector
  • Added Scroll Speed/Duration

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