Tripplemat WordPress Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Tripplemat WordPress Plugin

A plugin with 3 essential materials for your wp site

Tripplemat WordPress Plugin is a very simple and light weight plugin what is combined with three essential plugins for your WordPress site. It’s designed with google material design what is looks very modern. It will allow you to show remaining time with a nice bar to read a post or page. You can also show a scroll to top circle in your site. With this plugin another option is to change scroll bar of your browser when anyone are visiting your site. It’s very easy to use and have lot’s of multiple features for every single functions. We will recommend you to use this plugin for your WordPress website.

  1. Remaining time to completing read for posts and pages
  2. Awesome scroll to top.
  3. Awesome scroll bar.
  4. Highly customize-able.
  5. Designed with google material design.
  6. Easy to install.
  7. User friendly and very nice option panel.
  8. Well documented.
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