TRADE – Reside cryptocurrency SPA, costs, trades, volumes, examine, favorites and extra (Miscellaneous)

TRADE – Live cryptocurrency SPA

TRADE is a live cryptocurrency single page application built on top of WordPress as a plugin. The plugin has the following main features:

1. Single Page Front End

The plugin will hook to one of your existing pages and display a single page application, more like a software as a service app. The front end side of this page has been built with React & Redux, the tech stack Facebook uses, making the user interface more responsive, faster and interactive.

2. Shortcodes & widgets

At the moment there are two shortcodes and one widget to display live trades and history for a certain currency within your existing WordPress pages and sidebars.

3. Admin Area

This is the place where you edit settings like: colors, locales, full app page, custom CSS, SEO and much more. The front end area of the admin has also been built with React, the UI is fast and it does not need to reload the page when you update things.

App preview

App preview (Adsense activated)

WP shortcodes & widgets showcase


  • Cryptocurrency live prices
  • Create portfolio feature
  • Cryptocurrency single page
  • History & live prices for a certain cryptocurrency
  • Interactively compare multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Add to favorites feature
  • Instant search through all cryptocurrencies
  • Fast reactive interface, no need for page reload
  • Supports google adsense ads
  • Supports referral URL for Buy/Trade to your favorite exchange
  • All locales can be edited from within the admin area

Plugin admin area (video)

Front end showcase

NOTE! The app uses Coincap API. I’ve isolated the API calls in such a way, that if needed, I could easily change the data source.


Both “Admin Area” & “Front end” are built using React v16 framework and Material UI

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