Scheduler-Wifi,SMS,Profile (Utilities)

Scheduler lets you change profile, wifi and other phone settings quickly and easily.
Also you can schedule SMS in few easy step. You can select contact , enter text message and select time.

Profile Scheduler :

Profile Scheduler is a simple tool for change profile silent to general and general to silent.
You can set time for make your phone in silent mode. Now you never forget to make phone silent in office or meeting time.

SMS Scheduler :

SMS Scheduler is a simple tool for automatic sms messages sending with chosen frequency.
Have you ever forgotten about sending your mother happy birthday wishes ? Has your love one ever wanted to break up with you after not getting any sweet nothings on your anniversary ? Have you ever hoped for tightening up relations with your business partners by sending them Christmas wishes? Now you can do it in advance and just don’t trouble with it anymore.

Wifi Scheduler :

Wifi Scheduler is a simple but very useful app which will allow you to
manage and schedule when your devices Wi-Fi will turn on and off. It
is very useful for saving battery life by scheduling Wi-Fi to turn off
when you know you won’t be using it, like when you’re at work or

Wallpaper Scheduler :

Wallpaper Scheduler will help you to change your wallpaper automatically. If you want to set Wallpaper based on day. Like festival or birthday. Your phone will be always with latest wallpaper.

*Email scheduler : *

email scheduler is a simple but schedule your emails to be sent at a later time. And the good thing is, it is free.
It is a perfect software for you to wish friends and family members on their special moments like birthday,marriage day etc. Also you can wish people on various occasions. Beside the this, by scheduling mail you can send your work progress or other important paper work in appropriate time.

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