PPM Accordion Final (Interface Components)

Add the best accordion in your site only with a few clicks!

As many as you want!!

PPM Accordion allows you to add multiple accordions in your WordPress website. It can be in posts, in pages, in sidebars, or anywhere you want. There is no limit to what you can do. Unlimited colors and Four attractive designs make the plugin unique and a MUST-BUY for everyone who wants to create a website with beautiful accordions. (See Demo)


We provide you a detailed installation guide/documentation with the plugin, which enables anyone to set up marvellous accordion(s) for their websites without any proior knowledge of web design or development.

Key Features:

  • Responsive Layout – Appears perfectly in any device.
  • Uses the most advanced ShortCode system of WordPress.
  • Doesn’t create any PHP error. It won’t conflict with anything you currently have on the site.
  • Easy Installation and Set up method – Easy for anyone to use the plugin without any prior web design knowledge.
  • Unlike other plugins, you can create as many accordions as you want, in the same post or same set of codes. It won’t create any issues!
  • Four amazing styles – Enough to glaze your eyes
  • Supports UNLIMITED colors – Match the accordion with your website’s color scheme without any problem.
  • Allows you to use any of your existing posts as the content of the accordion. Or you can create custom post items to create accordions.
  • Customize the plugin as per your needs, using CSS

And a lot of other features!!!

Simply purchase the plugin and give your website/blog a professional facelift with the PPM accordion plugin. Get amazed with the features of the plugin and amaze your visitors for only a few bucks!

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