Final 3D Carousel for wordpress (Galleries)

Link to Carousel demo: Carousel Demo


This is an Advanced Carousel, Full featured, for WordPress platform.
It has many many options for best customization and fine tuning.
It can use your existing posts as items source or custom posts of the carousel plugin.


Tested with WordPress 3.6.2 or higher. Works fine with wordpress 3.7

  • Resizable – fit itself to any size (not responsive).
  • Supports browsers: firefox, google chrome,IE8+, opera.
  • Support any image formats: gif,bmp,png,jpg
  • Very customizible, easy to reaplce the buttons, preloader, set your styles etc.
  • Many many settings that you can set via the admin: colors, sizes, text styles and more
  • Has 3 ways to add to page, via shortcode, widget or php function.
  • Can work with your existing posts.
  • And many, many more…

Third party components:

The CMS (settings panel) is using Farbtastic color picker.

For the carousel base I use Cloud Carousel

To the developers of both components – Many many thanks.

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