wordpress Ghost Captcha (Kinds)


Why is it called Ghost Captcha? Because like a ghost, its an invisible force, working quietly in the background, detecting and blocking spambots. Yes, WP Ghost Captcha does come with its own standard captcha tests, but these are only displayed as a last resort, after suspicious browsing activity is detected.

But why display captcha tests only as a last resort? Because captcha tests are annoying. They treat all genuine users as suspects, who must first prove their innocence before logging in or posting anything. Many are hard to fill and inaccessible, especially for those with eye problems and other disabilities.

How then do you keep your site secure from spambots and other malicious programs out there without always displaying captcha tests? Use WP Ghost Captcha, which works by monitoring a users behavior, separating the humans from the bots using a mix of the honeypot technique and time tracking. All this is done quietly in the background and if any suspicious activity is detected, WP Ghost Captcha then loads up a normal captcha test. Using this technique, most of your genuine users will rarely ever need to see or solve a captcha test. With WP Ghost Captcha, you no longer have to choose between blocking spammers and annoying your users.


  • Works with all standard wordpress forms: comments, login, register and lost password.
  •  Can also be easily extended to work with any custom-made WordPress forms, thanks to two new WordPress hooks which come with the plugin ( ghostcaptcha_set and ghostcaptcha_validate ).
  •  The settings for each form can be tweaked and configured individually. For example, the captcha test for the “lost admin password” form is set to always appear by default, but you can easily set it back to work only in stealth-mode. Same applies to the standard WordPress comments, login, register. You can also tweak and adjust how each form detects spambots by adjusting the plugin’s time tracker.
  •  WP Ghost Captcha not only blocks, but also logs the details of any suspected spambot. This includes the IP address, date, targetted form and reason why it’s submission was blocked. The latest logs are displayed within WP Ghost Captcha’s page in the admin area.

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