ShoutForms – Types builder for WordPress (Types)

Welcome to ShoutForms – Forms builder for WordPress

Creating forms in WordPress just became a lot easier! You’ll wish you had this plugin sooner.

  • Easily create and manage forms inside WordPress
  • Send multiple emails on submission, based on conditional logic
  • Customizable confirmation upon form submission (display text to user, or even redirect him to custom url), also customizable with conditional logic
  • Optionally save and later edit submissions of your form
  • Design creative and smart forms by combining conditional logic and dynamic data
  • Collect additional data like users username/email( if logged in), IP address, referrer or $_POST and $_GET values
  • Plugin is updated automatically, no tedious reinstalling process each time we update the plugin
  • Developed following WordPress standards by developers active in WordPress community
  • Fully GPL licenced

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