Gravity Forms Address Google Autocomplete (Forms)

Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is a WordPress addon that allow customers to enable google places address autocomplete on two text fields types (Address or Single Line Text) by using its name

Addon Features

  • Using addon you will have an option to use two fields in your form for autocomplete (Address – Single Line Text)

  • Using address field autocomplete will autofill all other address fields (Zip code, city, country etc…) automatically.

  • Adding Google API key recommended to allow sending many requests to Google.

Add Google API key settings

  • Select Forms then GF Autocomplete settings, recommended to add this settings if their will be many API requests.

Add Gravity Form Single Line Text field.

  • Add Single Line Text.

  • Select checkbox “Enable Autocomplete Suggest with Google Places API”.

Add Gravity Form Address Text field.

  • Add Address text field

  • Select checkbox “Enable Autocomplete Suggest with Google Places API”.

Gravity Form Address Text field view.



Click here to view demo.

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