Advanced Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Add On (Forms)

Advanced Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon makes user to save gravity form data into the Google Spreadsheets. User can add any number of forms with any number of spreadsheet with sheet integration.

Google Spreadsheet submitted data are going to add with new row into the selected sheets. It allow sheet headers with
gravity forms fields mapping so only selective data are added to sheet.


  • Create New Spreadsheet Option
  • Create New Sheet Option
  • Option to set the default headers as per the forms fields – Click Here Button
  • Click to Sync – Synchronize all existing form entries to append google sheets rows.
  • Edit/Update Sheets admin Option – It will be update existing sheet entries to google spreadsheet.
  • Mapping the form fields with sheet headers
  • Multiple form with multiple feeds
  • Duplicate the Feed option
  • Conditional Tag – All the condition met then entries will be append to the sheet.
  • Option to send data only if payment is paid/approved.

Change log

Version 1.0 (18 September 2018)
- Initial Version

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