Observance Promoter – WordPress Plugin (Calendars)

About the Plugin

The Observance Promoter plugin has been developed to empower WordPress websites to easily celebrate and commemorate general public occasions and events, The events that are celebrated, commemorated and observed throughout the year with the flexibility to add website specific observance events. The Plugin facilitates setting up an observation by specifying a banner with that observation, set up the promotional time span for it. The banners would automatically show up on the specific observance event through a stylish configurable widget and would be removed respectively without breaking the look and feel of the website. This plugin is well accommodative and can be added to any website. The user can add observance events by specifying when the event would start and when it would end, insert images.

The Plugin can be also be used for banner promotions in websites. The special promotions can be easily preconfigured.
You would adore this practice for sure! So Promote, Celebrate and Commemorate.


Let’s have a look on what The Observance Promoter Version 1.0 has featured exclusively for your comfort:

  1. Promote, Celebrate and Commemorate special occasions with stylish banners.
  2. Pre schedule the upcoming observances/events.
  3. Optimal Configurable widget blending within the website design.
  4. Enabled Auto Visibility of the calendar promotions.
  5. Calendar support for smooth event management.
  6. Widget styling options.
  7. No- Coding Required.
  8. Pre- Configured Observances.

1.Promote, Celebrate and Commemorate special occasions with stylish banners.

With the colors of fiesta and celebration you get beautified banners to make the event look even more appealing. This adds to the plus of subjecting an event in a better way.

2.Pre schedule the upcoming observances/events

You do not need to work hard and spent more time on creating an event on the specific date, you can easily pre schedule it and hence the event would pop up on the relevant date and time.

3.Optimal Configurable widget blending within the website design

The widget merge well with the design of the website. This would not look like something coming out of the way.

4.Enabled Auto Visibility of the calendar promotions.

The promotions of the calendar are automatically visible, any event would show up and would be removed automatically with its ending time span.

5.Calendar support for smooth event management

You can manage your events conveniently with the help of calendar UI support.

6.Widget styling options

You can manage your the appearance of the observance widget using the following options
Position of the widget.
Animations effects.
Theme options.
Title options.
More themes and further styling options will be there in next version.

7.No- Coding Required

Most importantly, you do not need to code anything or even add shortcodes. The plugin automatically generates a widget on the observance event dates according to details provided and settings applied for it.

8.Pre- Configured Observances

You will get Pre-configured observance events with designed banners for most common events.
15 events with banners are included within the Plugin.

Version 1.0

For plugin support please contact support@discretelogix.com

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