Top class Prestitial Commercials (Merchandising)

CPA Marketers have been using this little know piece of technology to make a small fortune…

The Secret Weapon They’ve
Been Hiding From Us Is Called
Prestitial or Interstitial Ads

These type of ads are totally new to the internet marketing world. However top CPA marketers have been using them for years. There’s a good reason why they’ve been hiding this tech from us.
What Do Interstitial Ads Do?

They are ads that you show on your own websites in between pages. So if someone opts into your list, you can show this type of ad. If they clickthrough on a certain page of your site, you can show this type of ad. (You control it).

You can even run the ads throughout your entire site, and for listbuilders (especially) this type of ad presents a new way to create a funnel.

The reason why I say this is because…

It Allows You to Create a Funnel Out of Affiliate Offers
The affiliate offers will show from your URL.

This presents a whole new opportunity to affiliates who don’t feel like building their own funnels.

(If you’re smart, you’ll also use a countdown timer with it to create a sense of urgency. It forces people to see any ad you want before they get to the download or the page they’re heading to.

It’s extremely powerful.

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