SwNav — Adaptive Menu Plugin (Navigation)

SwNav — adaptive menu plugin

A perfect solution for complex menus.

Build your own navigation using our NavBuilder.


Create your own navigation easy. No code skills required to build
adaptive navigation for your site. Just open the builder page, set up navigation and copy result code to your website.


  • Easy customization;
  • Many options available;
  • Adapted to any screen size;
  • Visual builder available — no code required!
  • Flexbox and power of modern CSS and HTML;
  • Fallback for older browsers;
  • Good documentation;
  • Small size: ~5kb gzipped;
  • About 20 variable options;
  • Color theme preview;


  • jQuey — required;
  • Modernizr — optional for browsers which doesn’t support flexbox;
  • FontAwesome icons — only if you want to use this icons in navigation;


Please leave your ideas for plugin improvement in comments section.

Version 1.1

New features:

  • Background transition option. Use it for smooth CSS-animation of background color of nav item;
  • Hover-to-open option. Use it to open submeny by hover on parent item;
  • Rounded navbar. Use it to make rounded corners of navbar.

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