SnapIt – Wheel – Slavlee (Animated SVGs)

SnapIt – Wheel – Slavlee

SVG wheel with Snap.svg

Snap.It – Slavlee is a jQuery Plugin that generates a static or animated wheel with just a few parameters.You can optionally display html content in a lightbox after clicking on the wheel.

You can divide the wheel in as many pieces as you want. Adjust the size, colors and animation speed of the wheel and it’s segments.

All adjustments are made inside one JSON object.

More Snap.It – Wheel – Slavlee facts:

  • package include just one css and js file
  • the generated svg is fully customizable via css
  • based on Snap.svg, jQuery and Fancybox 3

Latest Update:

  • Bugfix Internet Explorer Edge that prevents for the wheel from generating
  • Bugfix Internet Explorer Edge and Firefox that prevent the multilined text to be aligned in the center

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