Layers – WordPress AdMonetizer Professional Extension (Merchandising)

WP Ad-Monetizer Layers Extension is a fresh new Layers Theme Extension for a WordPress Plugin that gives option for Ad-banners or any Ad-sense codes in different Ad-group / Ad-block.

Each Ad-block is defined to use on WordPress template using Widgets or custom coding in theme.

An Ad-block have several option for showing Ads using ready shortcode to place on any widget/theme page.

Ad-block’s options are

1. You can show an Ad-block to All countries or only in selected countries.

2. You can show an Ad-block to All posts or only in selected posts.

3. You can show an Ad-block to All pages or only in selected pages.

4. You can show an Ad-block to All category pages or only in selected category pages.

5. You can show an Ad-block to All other pages or only in selected other pages.

6. You can show an Ad-block in single slide or multiple slides. A multiple slides Ad-block will show Ads in a carousal slider and slider settings also provided, like

  • No. of Ad per block to show on each Ad-block, default is 5
  • AutoPlay Slider, default is Yes
  • Slide Auto-play after seconds, default is 5 second
  • Stop Slider on Mouse Hover, default is Yes
  • Show Slider Pagination, default is Yes
  • Slide Transition Style, default is Slide

Every Ad that will contain either Image Ad or some Ad-sense code will be assign to an Ad-block.

When any Ad is shown on the front-end, its impressions/views are counts by WP Ad-Monetizer.

When any visitor clicks on any image Ad, its clicks are also counts by WP Ad-Monetizer.

Now Added tags into Ads so an Ad can be show on single post while a related tag is matched in post tags.

Additional Show Ad method is provided by random or tag based on Ad-block setting.

also now the plugin is cache safe means it will work well on wordpress cache. it is tested on w3tc and wp super cache plugin.

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