gwSlider (Sliders)


gwSlider a.k.a. Goodwave Slider is the best slider solution for rapid development, in a lightweight (8 KB the minified version) jQuery based slider plug-in featuring the most common options for web development.
The carousel may be used as a full-width, responsive, one item per page slider or a multiple items per page as an image/item gallery.
Although it is a jQuery based plug-in, the “single item per page” version is based on keyframe animations for transitions, giving it even better loading speed. The default version includes 14 animations, but extra classes may be added (more on this in the options explanations).
The “multiple items per page” version does not use keyframe animations as it only makes sense with the “slide” transition (revealing next and previous item one at a time) and uses a 1 perPage mobile fallback.


Keyframe animations


All modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) and IE 10 or higher


Documentation is comprehensive and covers all the options for the slider. If you feel that you need to know more about our slider please use help support. We are glad to help you!

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