ezPrintJS – Simplify Web page Printing (Miscellaneous)

Have you ever wanted to make your complex pages look clean and readable on the paper?

Tired of customizing CSS styles to adapt your pages for printing purposes?

ezPrintJS here to help you!

ezPrintJS is a tiny JavaScript library which allows to make pretty-looking printable pages without the need of modification even single line of existing code in your CSS styles and HTML markup.

You are free to precisely customize content your visitors will see on the paper.


  • Zero dependencies (add polyfill if you’re willing to support outdated browsers)
  • No server-side required (no Selenium, PhantomJS or other apps needed)
  • Compatible with almost all modern browsers
  • Print certain region of page using CSS selectors
  • Hide or show elements on printable pages
  • Expand scrollable areas (useful when printing tables)
  • Print SVG and 2D Canvas objects
  • Add watermark image on page
  • Set header and footer taglines
  • Many options to make your pages look perfect even on the paper
  • Leverage full control on what users will send to printer with custom content handlers
  • Set printable areas as many as you want
  • …and many, many more in only ~13KB library

Please note, ezPrintJS will not produce PDF, images or other formats.

It’s just helps you generate on-the-fly clean looking pages with content your visitors want to see!

See examples at: https://nedgeva.github.io/

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