Drag & Drop E-mail Builder (JavaScript)

Drag & Drop Email builder

Simple Drag & Drop Email builder with responsible HTML export.

Just build an Email, export him as HTML and send it!.

You can install it in any Virtual Hosts you want, like Apache, Nginx, NodeJS and others.

Check this email builder with Angular.

Full list of blocks:

  1. Title & Subtitle
  2. Divider
  3. Text
  4. Button
  5. Social block
  6. Image without text
  7. Image inside text
  8. Image with text on the right
  9. Two columns with image and text
  10. Three columns with image and text
  11. Unsubscribe block

Some features:

  1. Material Design & Icons
  2. TinyMCE text editor
  3. Upload your own images
  4. Import Email
  5. Export Email as JSON and HTML
  6. Responsive HTML
  7. Preview Email
  8. Less files
  9. Gulp Tasks (less compile, js concat-uglify, build and more)
  10. Custom notifications
  11. More …


Changelog – v1.0.0

  • Initial Release

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