BugMeBar – A easy little notification plugin (Promotion)

What does BugMeBar do?

BugMeBar lets you add a message to the top of the screen which a user can dismiss. You can use a cookie if you like so that the notification bar can stay gone once the website visitor has clicked close. Here are the main options…

  • Set the target of where the bar will go, you can add it to anywhere you want
  • Enter the message (including HTML content)
  • Set colours for message, links and transition colours
  • Align message and close button
  • Remember close with a cookie
  • Set cookie expiry time
  • Name your cookie
  • Turn CSS3 transitions on/off
  • Turn CSS3 animations on/off
  • Use a fixed position bar so it sticks to top of the page
  • Already got a fixed header? No problem, use a fixed spacer to push existing fixed headers down
  • Set a z-index to make sure BugMeBar stays on top of everything.

And of course, BugMeBar is responsive and fully functional on mobile/tablet

But why did we build this?

Because we needed something mega simple without a gazillion options that also looked nice and we couldn’t find anything that matched those requirements. We figured if we wanted something like that, you might do to.

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