Vc_Row Heritage Professional for Visible Composer (Add-ons)

Vc_Row Background Pro is a premium multi-purpose plugin for creating amazing ang beautiful backgrounds. Use images, videos and included overlays and separators.


– Minified Production + Source Code
– Comprehensive and Interactive Documentation
– WordPress Plugin
– Excellent Customer Support

Main Features

– Easy integration to any site
– Different separators with shadows
– Background image modes: cover, contain, fixed, repeat.
– Background video modes: speed, loop, muted.
– Parallax: horizontal and vertical.
– 15 overlay images
– Unlimited styles and colors
– IE9+ support(IE8 particle support)
– Fully Responsive
– Highly optimized code
– Retina screens support
– Simple Settings to design any style
– Mobile and Touch Support
– Extremely Comprehensive Documentation
– No Complicated HTML Structures
– Rigorously Tested on Actual Devices for Real World Performance Metrics
– Excellent Authors Experience over 10 years

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