Size Conversion – WordPress Plugin (Add-ons)

Measurement Conversion is a powerfull WordPress plugin designed especially for cooking sites with recipes. It will help your visitors to quickly convert measurements of the recipe’s ingredients without leaving your page. With a simple click on the unit, the user can choose a different unit to which the value can be converted to.

As a bonus, there is a small standalone converter which you can insert anywhere on your site, to let your visitors make their own conversions.

Covered units:
– weight: kg, g, lb, oz
– volume: litre, ml, cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, pints, fl oz
– temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit

It uses Google API for the conversions through AJAX calls.

Be friendly with all your visitors, no matter from where they are or what metric system the use :)


August 14th, 2013: Fixed “lost decimals” bug
September 21th, 2013: Added button to tinyMCE visual editor for easier shortcode insertion

Planned for next updates:
– Full internalization support

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