Roots Extensions: Posts Checklist for Visible Composer (Add-ons)

Roots Extensions: Posts List for Visual Composer is a fully customization posts lists creator for Visual Composer.
The options available in with this plugin are grouped in several sections for ease of access and in order to make it easier to use.

The 6 sections and their settings are:

  1. Show Title
  2. Crop title if it’s to long
  3. x characters
  4. Append this text to the cropped title
  5. Link post title to full article
  6. Open post in new page
  7. Show Author meta
  1. Show Content
  2. Crop content if it’s to long
  3. x words
  4. Append this text to the cropped content
  5. Link post content to full article
  6. Open post in new page
  1. Show Thumbnail
  2. Thumbnail size
  3. Link post thumbnail to full article
  4. Open post in new tab
  5. Skip posts without thumbnail
  1. Select template
  2. Additional Class for title
  3. Additional class for author meta
  4. Additional class for content
  5. Additional class for thumbnails
  6. Thumbnails max height
  1. Include the following categories
  2. Exclude the following categories
  3. Include the following pages
  4. Exclude the following pages
  5. Select only posts/pages by these authors
  6. Filter by
  7. and order
  8. List posts/pages published in the last
  9. How many posts/pages you want in your results?
  1. Enable Slider
  2. Number of rows per slide
  3. Number of columns per slide
  4. Show navigation
  5. Navigation Speed
  6. Slide duration
  7. Auto-play
  8. Stop Hover
  9. Transition Animation Out
  10. Transition Animation In

Plugin comes with 5 predefined templates to display the posts

Template 1

Clean template with the title on the first row, the author meta on the second row. The third row has a 1/3 column with the thumbnail and a 2/3 column with the content.

template_2 Template 2

Clasic template with each element on a row of it’s own: thumbnail on the first row, title on the second, author meta next and the content on the last row.

Template 3

Flip-box template with the thumbnail on the front. On mouse hover the template flips over and the back box appears: title on the first row, the author meta on the second row and content on the third row.

template_4 Template 4

One row with 1/3 filled with the thumbnail and 2/3 filed with the title and author meta. Next to the title there is a that when clicked will reveal the content below.

Template 5

All the information about the post is hidden except for the thumbnail. When you take the mouse over the thumbnail, it fades away and the title, author meta and content floats up from the bottom.


See the full admin area:


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